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Welcome to Genuine Genealogy. Actually this is the second incarnation of this site, originally I offered a lot of genealogy research services. While I may be willing to do it here and there, and will still list my services, I will only accept new clients on a case by case basis these days. But Please read on about me and why I am here.


My grandmother is to blame for getting bit by the genealogy bug. She told me stories, sang me songs, showed me items of my ancestors and really instilled a deep sense of belonging to something greater. It helped develop my identity and I believe it is a wonderful connection to have.

I have held many successful and interesting careers in areas ranging from Computer technology, Human Services, Writing, to Insurance Agent. One thing, however, has remained constant throughout my careers, my love and passion of Genealogy!

My educational background:

Bachelor of Science Applied Psychology from Oregon Tech University

Master of Interdisciplinary Studies from Southern Oregon University

Genealogist Certification from International Assoc. Of Professions College

My applicable experience:

Research Methods Graduate Level

Genealogical Research methods

Database and GEDCOM knowledge

Authoring and Training experience

Technical and Critical Thinking skill sets

Ancestry.com 20 years experience 

Work at Familysearch.org – 2020-current

Member of D.A.R.

Host of genealogytrails.com for Klamath County

Complete multiple family history projects for others

Basic DNA knowledge

Genealogy Librarian at RVGC 2018


Through my passion and deep interest in genealogy and history I now offer my insight, tips, and reviews (and limited services) in this field to you. My experience in research and belief in accuracy well compliment over 20 years of experience in building family histories for myself and others. I cannot wait to help you with your family history research.

I want to help others learn to be better and more accurate in their research. After all there is nothing worse than having relatives in you tree that do not belong to you! The journey is exciting and also problematic and fraught with issues at time. I hope to be able to help people make good research decisions and find the correct relatives.



Genuine Genealogy will serve the public with reviews of services, how to’s, educational articles, projects and challenges, freebies and downloadable content.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or in the discussion areas of articles and I will be more than happy to try to help you out.

All the best,

Amy Molthan


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