An Introduction

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This site is new and as it grows I will be adding many articles on the subject of genealogy.  I do plan on offering either vlogs, live training, or pre-recorded videos in the future as well. Why should you read my posts? The quick answer is you should read them because you want to and find value in the tips and information that I will provide you. The only way to find out if what I write about is valuable to you is to read them! It really is a little circular, isn’t it?


I hope that you will find value in what I offer here on the article portion of the website. First a little about myself. I was a hobby genealogist by the time I was in my early 20’s.  People tend to gravitate towards this hobby for a plethora of reasons but most commonly it is to find out more about your ancestors and to fulfill your sense of belonging. How people are introduced to it also vary but I find it is usually through the influence of others or to answer questions about your family.


My journey with genealogy started pretty early mostly due to my grandmother’s interest in it. She would often talk about the family history when I was growing up and would show me family heirlooms and talk about where we came from. This became an official mission of mine to investigate much later in my early 20’s. Although she was born in 1918, she was around for a lot of my early genealogy research and I relish those memories. I wish she could have been around for some of my major discovers later. Oh and DNA. How I wish I could have gotten a DNA test for her. That is an entirely different post.

I won’t bore with every intricate detail of my genealogy journey! I just thought I would share how my interest in genealogy began. I have been through several careers changes over the years in search of something that I really wanted to do. Then one day after making an amazing discovery for a friend on her family tree she asked me, “Why aren’t you a genealogist?” I am a genealogist said my brain! But, I knew she meant professionally.  I was excited, could I?  Dare I? Yes! A genealogist certification later and here I am. It took quite some time to get here and get a website.

My focus will not be blogging so I will not be churning out a new post every day. Because I simply do not have the time to research and run a blogging empire. I will promise to write regularly though and try to provide interesting articles for you to make use of. I welcome you to my website and hope you will enjoy what you find here.



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