My areas of expertise are in:

Tracing Family Trees – I have more than 20 years experience in working with all the online databases and can build your tree online or in GEDCOM format.  I have access to all major record U.S. collections available online to assist me in finding records. I have access to many record collections worldwide.

Immigrant Ancestors – Research available based on your ancestors paper trails such as immigration records, census info, biographies, and ship manifests.

Brick Walls (Dead Ends) – In genealogy, the term “brick wall” is often used to refer to tough research problems, apparent dead-ends that after many hours of searching still yield no answers. Let me use over 500 different techniques to try to break through some of your brick walls.  Remember sometimes things are just not available in digitized format. In fact, what it online is only the tip of the iceberg. Records must often be found through DNA testing, estate files, the social columns of newspapers (not just obituaries), county histories, tax records, deeds, funeral home data, social history, and court cases.

Limited use of DNA – I can use DNA to confirm matches to ancestors. I do not do any Y-DNA or MT-DNA analysis beyond using the data for matches.

Writing Family Histories or Biographies – All too often the genealogical data can seem to become nothing but names and dates. I want to help you turn these people in your tree into real characters. What were they like? What did the do for a living? I can bring your ancestors to life and bring meaning to your data. I do this by studying clues in the mundane records you see and combining with local and social histories.