With every research package I will provide you full details of the research I have performed. Expect eh following:

  • Research Report and log. A summary of the results of our research, including suggestions for the next steps you can take in your research. Also, I will include a report of the sources examined and the results.
  • Digital images of the documents I found.  Occasionally, I am able to furnish original or reproduced physical records (such as when they are ordered or found).
  • Upon request, you can receive a GEDCOM file of the records found or access instructions for a tree I’ve updated or created online based upon your preferences.
  • Upon request, you can receive a printed booklet/book/report for an additional fee.
  • You may also receive any referrals to other researchers or services that I feel you could benefit from working with.

Please note that all deliverables (report, documents, GEDCOMS, Trees, Other) are delivered electronically. Hardcopy is available for an additional fee.

I also offer basic DNA education and minimal analysis of test results (no actual testing), personal research advice sessions, and gift certificates.